Family: A cycle

Family: A cycle

is the core of most of the individual’s existence.

The atmosphere,
health, and mental stability of the family form the character of a person.

Happy big Family

As I was trying to
understand the importance of family and what role each individual play, I
somehow was able to relate it to a cycle.

When I related family
to a cycle, I was clearly able to understand and establish the importance and
role of each member of the family.

How is a family a cycle?


An average sized
family consists of a mother, a father, a son, a daughter and one or two elders.

So when I related such
average sized family to a cycle, I got this beautiful understanding from it.

Father, the front wheel:

Family Father

The father, the person who is a major contributor to the family’s livelihood is the front wheel of the cycle.

He is the first to
face and get dumped into an obstacle or other stoppages on the road. He is a
shield that first suffers and then saves other parts from suffering.

Cycle Front Wheel

He is the one who
encounters every situation first.

Son, the back wheel:

Family Son

The son is the back wheel of the family cycle. Is runs or walks under the shadow of the front wheel (The father).

The son learns from
the front wheel, he grows and moves. He understands the way the front wheel
navigates and adapts accordingly.

The son is also one of those who gets impacted and handle the situations that the family faces.

Mother, the chain:

Family mother

Mother plays a very important part of the family cycle. She pays the role of a chain in the cycle.

She maintains
coordination between the front wheel and back wheel.

She makes sure that
whatsoever the father chooses, the son should understand and support him.

Cycle chain

She suffers from the
front wheel (the father) all that comes in the way and also passes some
vibrations to the back wheel to make it aware of the situation.

She is the backbone of
the family cycle.

The elders, handle and brakes:

Family Elders

The elders (grandparents) are like the handle and brake of the cycle.

They provide us
guidance and try to navigate us in the proper path just like a handle on cycle.

Cycle Handle and Brake

Also, whenever they
feel that we have lost our path or have lost our control, they apply the brake
and try to bring us back to stability.

That’s what elders
really do right?

Daughter, the oil:

Family Daughter

Oil? Let me explain.

Family or cycle functions through its various part’s coordination.

Where there is
coordination, there is possible of friction. The daughter just acts like the
oil of love which maintains the health of all parts.

oil of love

She ensures the smooth
functioning of all parts. Her oil of love is in each part’s core and is the
reason for their grace.

Home, the body:

Family House

Home or house acts as the body of the cycle where all the parts of the family cycle are aligned to each other.

Home gives them the
required connection with each other.

When all these parts
come together, work in coordination and play their role efficiently, the family
cycle rides a long way in the society and the world.

A healthy family just
needs two-wheel to run, a chain to establish and maintain the coordination of
the wheel, handle and brakes to control the navigation, oil of love to main the
bonding while a house to provide a place to build the connection between all
the parts.

The role played by a member of the family may change according to situations. Sometimes a father and mother have to play the role of front and back wheel or sometimes son has to be the oil of love but at the end, a happy family must have all these roles played by its members.

Life is good

It’s not important who
plays which role, all that is crucial is that someone plays the role.

I am sure many will
have a different illustration of the family but for me, this is the best that I
can imagine.

Please share your
views through the comments section and we will be glad as always to hear from